Running & Sports Training

The Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill is an exceptionally beneficial training aid for those who take their sport seriously, or there is a particular event or race of high importance.  It can be used as part of the ‘top end’ of a training plan where injury risk is increasing, or an injury is beginning to show up and requires management.

It uses air pressure to unweight you from 100% to as low as 20% of your bodyweight, so that lower-impact, pain-free movement can be integrated into your training plan. 


Running mechanics are largely preserved in the anti-gravity treadmill, but ‘ground reaction force’ is reduced, meaning that you can train with less impact on your joints and soft tissue structures.  

Elite athletes will typically introduce one or two weekly Alter-G runs into their plan and run at 80-90% of bodyweight to still realise training benefit.  There are minimal cardiovascular changes between the Alter-G and a conventional treadmill. 

Injury Management

If you are experiencing discomfort in training and have a deadline to hit, training with less bodyweight in the Alter-G enables normal functional movement, reducing the risk of injury through compensation were you to continue as normal.  In this scenario it is of course necessary to have the injury assessed and the Alter-G prescribed for use by one of our Sports Therapists or Physiotherapists.

Using the Alter-G with us at the Rehab Hub

Our Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill can be used within Physiotherapy or Sports Therapy sessions under the guidance of one of our Practitioners as part of a rehabilitation plan or, after an Introductory Session you can use the treadmill on your own.  We would still be on hand to help you with access and to ensure your safety, and we can still help to progress your rehab as part of an overall plan.  

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