Injury Rehabilitation

The key to successful injury rehabilitation is to restore functional movement with optimal  biomechanics, and to do so as quickly, safely and comfortably as possible.

In ‘normal’ rehabilitation it takes a long time to load 100% of bodyweight through an injury because of pain, leading to further issues and potential injury when compensatory movements creep in.  The ‘functional’ phase of rehabilitation is therefore left to the end and very often missed entirely.  

Without correct functional movement and biomechanics you are left at high risk of further injury, especially in sport where the tolerance of joints and soft tissue structures can be overloaded by the demands of the activity. 

Our Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill uses air pressure to unweight you from 100% to as low as 20% of your bodyweight, so that lower-impact, pain-free movement can be used to rehabilitate your injury.  This need not be just ‘serious’ high grade injuries – any pain is likely an injury symptom, and so offloading structures and normalising movement patterns in the case of a niggling Achilles tendon or hamstring will deliver a more comprehensive recovery than exercises alone.

Non lower-limb conditions can also be rehabilitated with the Alter-G, such as back injuries.  The muscles and structures supporting the spine need to have optimal strength and movement mechanics to function correctly and without pain.

Injuries and Conditions:

Using the Alter-G with us at the Rehab Hub

Our anti-gravity treadmill can be used within Physiotherapy or Sports Therapy sessions under the guidance of one of our Practitioners as part of a rehabilitation plan or, after an Introductory Session you can use the treadmill on your own.  We would still be on hand to help you with access and to ensure your safety, and we can still help to progress your rehab as part of an overall plan.  

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