anti gravity treadmill and physio

How does the Alter-G work?

Using the Alter-G is a very pleasant experience, and lots of fun!  Any initial nervousness at stepping onto the treadmill and zipping in is soon overcome, and if you intend to use it on your own by purchasing Treadmill Time then we will put you at ease in your Introductory Session and always be on hand when you come to see us.

It uses Differential Air Pressure (DAP) which is a pressurised, variable lifting force using air to decrease the impact of gravity and bodyweight during walking, running, or exercise.  There is a special air chamber and calibration system to reduce gravity, thereby unweighting you from 100% to as low as 20% of your bodyweight.  It can do this in precise 1% increments at the touch of a button – creating a bodyweight supported environment which doesn’t get in the way of how you move.

The treadmill aspect of the Alter-G is pretty standard – you can walk and run, go forwards or backwards, uphill or downhill, or be stationary to perform static exercises whilst remaining unweighted.  It’s great for those with balance difficulties or patients with reduced or zero mid-section control, because the frame fully supports at the hips.

The Alter-G’s height adjustable frame accommodates the smallest and tallest of patients.  To benefit from the DAP a special pair of comfortable shorts are worn over your own clothing which zips you into the air chamber – we have all sizes and they are thoroughly sanitised between every use. 

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