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AlterG Booking & Pricing

Our AlterG anti-gravity treadmill can either be used within full treatment sessions with one of our Practitioners, or it is available for self-service use. You can book an Introductory Session for self-service use and view all information on this page.

If however you know that you are going to need an assessment, hands-on treatment and rehabilitation under the care of one of our Practitioners please visit our full Services section, or Contact Us if you are unsure what support and assistance you may need.

Self-Service Use

Self-Service use of the AlterG is a great way to bolster any Practitioner-led treatment, or for your own requirement and enjoyment too. After an Introductory Session you will be able to operate the treadmill with ease, but a member of our team will always be on hand to help.

The Introductory Session costs £45 and can be booked for a time to suit you. We will guide you through the treadmill’s safe use and identify the exercises and settings suitable for you. We will discuss your needs and decide together if you require a progressive programme of work in line with a Treadmill Time block of minutes purchase, or if you just wish to use it on a 20-minute pay-as-you-go-basis.

Treadmill Time

Treadmill Time is a cost-effective way of purchasing ‘minutes’ for you to use as you like – similar to topping up a mobile phone. In this way you can choose how long you might like to use the treadmill for on any occasion.

With Treadmill Time you also have use of our Rehab Suite facility of strength equipment, conventional treadmill and mobility aids. So if you’re in rehab you can do your plan whilst you’re with us and have a member of the team on hand to help if needed.

Introductory Session Booking

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