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Before & After Surgery

Taking a proactive approach to conditioning for and rehabilitating from orthopaedic surgery has many proven beneficial outcomes which can elevate your recovery and improve your quality of life after surgery. 

By using air pressure to gently unweight you from 100% to as low as 20% of body weight, lower-impact, pain-free movement can be used both before and after your orthopaedic procedure.

Before Surgery

You may have been living with pain or injury for a considerable amount of time, leading to compensatory movement of the whole body because of reduced movement through a painful joint.  Some muscles will ‘over’ work, and the pained muscles, tendons and ligaments will decondition leaving them poorly prepared to support and control movement after surgery.  

Improving range of motion, addressing musculoskeletal imbalances, and readying the nervous system in advance of surgery will mean you are in the best possible condition to maximise the beneficial outcomes of your procedure.

After Surgery

There are specific protocols for orthopaedic rehabilitation but the pathway remains the same; limit and reduce swelling, protect healing tissues, encourage normal range of motion, begin strengthening, weight-bear as tolerated, improve functional strength.

Our Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill enables much earlier weight-bearing exercise by cleverly unweighting you to a point at which there is zero or considerably less pain, so that you are able to ‘weight bear as tolerated’ whilst protecting sensitive healing tissues.  In this way we get you moving as soon as possible, and work progressively towards strong functional movement, normal biomechanics, and long-term success.

Potential treatment applications:

Using the Alter-G with us at the Rehab Hub

Before and after surgery our anti-gravity treadmill is used within Physiotherapy or Sports Therapy sessions under the guidance of one of our Practitioners. They may also recommend that you use the treadmill on your own in-between sessions as part of your rehabilitation plan.

In that scenario we would still be on hand and guide you, to make sure that every session counts and that you are supported all the way through your rehabilitation.

Real life cases:

Piers’ story – complex ankle fracture (early phase)

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