Active Aging

For seniors with an interest in active aging, our anti-gravity treadmill allows you to move, walk, run, build strength, and improve cardio conditioning in a comfortable, pain-free environment.  By using air pressure to gently unweight you from 100% to as low as 20% of body weight, lower-impact, pain-free movement can be enjoyed.

If you live with lower limb discomfort and pain due to age-related degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis or osteoporosis, unweighting you to a point of less or zero pain will facilitate better movement and greater comfort over time. 

Progress made in sessions with the Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill are transferable to everyday living – effectively conditioning you for a more comfortable and confident life.

If you are keen to develop your exercise regime and improve your cardiovascular exercise whilst placing far less stress through joints and soft tissue structures, the treadmill is a perfect fit.

Regular use can:

  • Keep your body active without the risk of falling or impact stress injury
  • Help you move in the best possible way for increased comfort and conditioning
  • Make your feel more confident, capable and balanced in movement
  • Develop your normal biomechanics
  • Enable gradual progression to set you up for long-term fitness success.

Using the Alter-G with us at the Rehab Hub

Our anti-gravity treadmill can be used within Physiotherapy or Sports Therapy sessions under the guidance of one of our Practitioners as part of a rehabilitation plan or, after an Introductory Session you can use the treadmill on your own.  We would still be on hand to help you with access and to ensure your safety, and we can still help to progress your training as part of an overall plan.  

We’re here to help and guide you and make sure that every session counts!

“I didn’t dare enquire about this space-aged machinery but I was so glad I did, the kind team made me feel so comfortable, and didn’t leave my side until I was smiling.  Walking without pain is a joy, and I am beginning to feel better overall. Getting out of a chair is easier, and I’m just feeling more confident every day.”

Jenny Taylor

“I’ve always been ‘fit’, I am a retired PE teacher so witnessing my own decline over the past ten years resulting in a hip replacement and the end of my road running has been hard to take. Working with the Rehab Hub guys has helped me find my stride again, and I can’t thank them enough. Things are different now, I train differently but I still train, and that’s important to mental and physical health.” 

Jim Sutton
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